O’ CANADA & more HJS news!…..


While waiting for our baritone Halton JAZZ Singers “Trio” decided to get some rays and look over the new words for “O Canada”… (not official but we’re gonna use them… where? read on!)

IT’S OFFICIAL…Halton JAZZ Singers WON the PUBLIC VOTE for Burlington’s JULY 1 CANADA DAY PERFORMER CONTEST!… Halton JAZZ Singers have commissioned Dylan Bell who has arranged a “Canadiana HITS THROUGH THE DECADES 1950-2015” for Halton JAZZ Singers! We are going into rehearsal today to cast our first round of ‘revisions’ if needed! It’s our work for 2 years exclusive use! After that time, any other group who ‘uses it’ must acknowledge that it was written & arranged for Halton JAZZ Singers”… oh, and the really big news… The City of Burlington has contracted with AND IT IS OUR HONOUR & PRIVILEGE.. that Halton JAZZ Singers “QUARTET” perform “O Canada” 4 part (S.A.T.B.) vocal jazz arrangement, twice on Canada Day in Spencer Smith Park on Burlington’s waterfront; at 10:00 a.m.Citizenship Ceremony mic’d & a cappella;:AND ON THE MAIN STAGE at 9:58 p.m Halton JAZZ Singers in front of a crowd of 30,000+ on lookers HJS Quartet will sing a 4 part arrangement of O Canada (new words too… “..in all of us command!”) ACCOMPANIED BY THE 65 PIECE SYMPHONY ON THE BAY ORCHESTRA!… ”
There’s going to be a big band at 10:00 p.m .. FIREWORKS!
We are very grateful to all of our supporters who voted for us… and we promise that WE WILL DO YOU PROUD of Halton JAZZ Singers ‘Trio’ & ‘Quartet’..! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



  1. Congratulations HJS. I am looking forward to hearing you perform ‘O Canada ‘ and happy to know you are singing the new wording – ‘all of us’ and not ‘thy sons’.
    Best wishes in your performances and growth as a professional jazz singing group.

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  2. Hi Astrid, Thank you! It’s a ‘paying ‘gig’… so we are very fortunate, honoured & humbled, to receive this offer to perform! Halton JAZZ Singers “Quartet” is entering it’s 4 year and wonderful opportunities are ‘blossoming’ for us. HJS enjoyed and appreciated the gig with Mississauga Swing Band – you on keys – a great fit and a great sound! Hope we get to do it again real soon!
    Best wishes to you and thanks so much for your kind wishes! Let’s collaborate some more? Ok!
    Halton JAZZ Singers


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