And again we are an (awesome they say!) jazz vocal QUARTET – with the addition of ROCCO CONTINENZA, in June, 2019

HE FOUND US! Rocco Continenza is our fourth singer (again) which re-positions us (Siona, Jason, Rocco & Darcea) as a jazz vocal quartet. Rocco was a student (trumpet & vocals) at Humber College back in the 1980’s. His passion of playing trumpet came to a halt with the onset of severe jaw & muscle soreness in his facial nerves – generally brought about from intense repeated activity causing tension in the mouth. So, he ‘found another day job’ to pay the bills but always hoped to return to his first love of singing & playing the trumpet.

Rocco recently retired from his day job and decided to pursue music as his hobby in retirement. He ‘googled’ & found Halton JAZZ Singers website. He was up for the challenge of a rigorous audition to see if we both measured up to each other’s expectations.

We are so delighted to welcome Rocco as our fourth member of HJS. He’s a meticulous musician-vocalist. There is a load of material for him to learn but we fully expect that he will do it with zest, zeal & full commitment.

We are just so pleased to welcome him as our fourth singer, once again! Yay!