“Harlem Hits & Southern Swing!”…there’s a hot blues & jazz show of epic proportions, pullin’ in to the town of Oakville… SOON! Got YOUR TICKET yet? $15 NOW!

What a ride! So much to compliment to our AWESOME band “SWINGLINE” for this EPIC project! It all started with a) a successful corporate sponsorship campaign March – September 2017 & our gratitude to dollar for dollar matching via “ARTSVEST – BUSINESS FOR THE ARTS”  —> that heaped a well needed reasonable pile of cash into HJS bank account AND 11 very supportive corporate partners [Please check out our list of business partners who support “Halton JAZZ Singers” scroll to the bottom of this link: HJS Corporate Partners! – ] – there it is… it gave us impetus to GO FORWARD!

November, 2017 Halton JAZZ Singers received a contract for hire – “Concerts in the Park – Central Park – 2018 Wednesday nite Summer Series.” We’ve been hired!

Next ‘challenge is…’ – who will play our music for this 1.5 hour event? To be clear: Halton JAZZ Singers need a band to play their charts; moreover, HJS needed MORE charts:  At least enough vocal music with corresponding band instrumental arrangements for 90 minutes of entertainment by HJSTRIO … Who? The answer was an amazing 9 piece little big band, SWINGLINE, managed by Urmas Soomet, –  a Shining Knight, a music ‘rock star for Halton JAZZ Singers!  Urmas is HJS’s music ‘Rain-Maker’...a fabulous string & bass guitar player, recording studio owner (Studio 13), competent sound engineer for many talented music artists, Canadian, international, & from withing the local surrounding communities including Halton JAZZ SingersStudio 13 – audio sampling – HJS first demo CD

Honestly, It’s been an amazing ride so far!  The network of musicians, band leaders, managers, etc.  that have ‘an ear’ and a kind willingness to give a ‘hand up’ with open arms to explore the sounds & musicianship of Halton JAZZ Singers – curious or otherwise for Halton… WOW! MAGNETIC!  HJSTRIO & team are VERY GRATEFUL!

SWINGLINE’s music director, Darren Blundell, is a talented tenor sax player & quite a Scots bloke  at rehearsals, we have come to  experience.  This is a band of equitable decision making: Thank goodness the 9 band members SWINGLINE Musicians  willingly opted to ‘come along’ for this 4 month music journey: What would that require: i) an undertaking to master 11 big band charts for vocal jazz trio – Six of these are brand new arrangements by Gary Martin,  (mega-talented composer/arranger; sax player with Octokats, band leader of his own big band, MEGACITY & just a plain wonderful gentleman!) ii) Plan for & execute 4 intense rehearsals in order to get these new charts gelled with HJSTRIO – Siona, Jason & Darcea & band members!

Well ….It’s happenin’…Oh! My! Is it ever happenin’! – Give a listen – here’s a ‘taste’ of our last rehearsal – (HJSTRIO vocals are saved for your entertainment pleasure upon your arrival on Sunday, July 8th 3:00 pm. CLUB ROOM downstairs, Bronte Legion, 79 Jones Street, Oakville!


GET YOUR TICKET NOW! $15 CASH or $20 at the door OR on line: Tickets – HJS “Harlem Hits & Southern Swing!” Wanna buy on line – here’s the link: Tickets – Halton JAZZ Singers & SWINGLINE “Harlem Hits & Southern Swing” Sun. July 8th 3:00 p.m.

HJS posterWITH_B.L._ADDRESS_july 8_2018 show v5 (1)

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