Whoa… so many exciting ‘notes’ flyin’ in the air for HJS!

What an exciting & exhausting several months it has been! Oh, my goodness… still nowhere near done! Let’s see – an exciting, talented jazz trio has joined us – Heiki, James & Brent – that was in June! These pics are from our first public gig – we are LOVED!

ARTSVEST Business For the Arts  – Our sponsorship training program got into full swing in July and August – live on line webinars, peer to peer meetings with the other 11 Oakville based trainees –

● BurlOak Theatre Group
● Oakville Festivals of Film and Art
● Halton Jazz Singers
● Oakville Symphony Orchestra
● The Bronte Historical Society
● Oakville Choral Society
● World of Threads Festival
● Canadian Music Competition-Oakville/Mississauga Chapter
● Oakville Improv Theatre Company
● Oakville Galleries
● Masterworks of Oakville Chorus & Orchestra
● The Oakville Players

Now we are under the crunch! Halton JAZZ Singers has until November 29th to prospect & secure at least $2500 in corporate sponsorships so as to receive grant matching from ARTSVEST organizers!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The funds need to come from corporations, not individuals nor NFPs. Any amount over 200 dollars will be DOUBLED by ARTSVEST if it is deposited on or before November, r 29th 2017.  Halton JAZZ Singers is GUARANTEED up to $2500 matched and doubled – it’s called a “GIFT HORSE”… We’re facing a gift horse! Darcea is goin’ after her car dealership!  She’s been in there enough times for them to come out ahead if they would be willing to match their past service center charges to her credit card. So please, make contact on our behalf – we have a “Four Tiered Sponsorship Recognition Sheet”- each corporate sponsorship funding level brings increased & varied types of recognition and acknowledgment for sponsor’s company.  Enough said on the finances of running a vocal jazz group! It’s tough! But it’s FUN!

HJS+SWINGLINE Demo CD PicOh, did you hear that Halton JAZZ Singers cut a (demo) CD?  Big thanks to Studio 13 owner & audio engineer Urmas Soomet – oh yeah and his band that he co-directs – SWINGLINE – a nine piece big band that is so musically tight  – it sounds like a swingin’ big band!

Would you like to hear some tunes from the recording? – Give a listen – Here’s a link to our audio sampler – HJS+SWINGLINE CD Audio sampler     Tell us what you think of it, please.  We’re keen to hear your comments!

What else? Oh! There are a couple of options now for HJS’s ‘public home’  – We might set up a regular monthly gig in Bronte around Lakeshore & Jones St. There’s a great location that wants us to come bring our swingin’ vocal jazz sound to their comfortable pub that can seat 90 people.  We’re in discussions about it:  We’ll keep you posted!  Then there’s St. Davids Church at Guelph Line & 401 – great acoustics  & it’s available for our use as a home! So much to decide…ALL OF IT IS GOOD!

There are a few more big bands ‘talking to us’ … a few meetings comin’ up… again you will learn more as Halton JAZZ Singers continues to set up more musical collaborations!

Let’s see how many ‘notes flyin’ is that – new combo group – HJS+HJB; Artvest sponsorship guns blazin’; new demo CD; new public ‘home’ digs in the offering…

Oh, and soon it will be Christmas – so singers started workin’ on a few NEW jazzy Christmas tunes – It’s Christmas & All of that Jazz!  We hope that you and yours will be around to hear them – it will be our pleasure…. Until next time…

Jeannie's pic HJS PORTRAIT candid_NO BLEMISHDarcea, Siona, Jason & Adam … we are Halton JAZZ Singers




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