Add one more music ‘rung’ for Halton JAZZ Singers!

It’s happening again & we are THRILLED! Bring your lawn chair, your ‘shades’ c’mon out on Wednesday, July 19th @ 7:30 p.m to the BAND SHELL in Burlington’s CENTRAL PARK!  We are being featured by Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble, as a part of the Burlington’s “Summer Music in the Park!” 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Look HJS + HJB … Know what that means? Here it is…Halton JAZZ Singers plus their own jazz trio HJB! Yes, you read it right! We now have our own instrumental jazz trio! We had our first rehearsal with the guys Wednesday nite – oh and they have a proverbial wicked sense of humor …’ring ‘dat cowbell, James!’  There’s Heiki Tamm – piano; Brent Gelhar – string bass; and James Compton – drums (& cowbell).  If that first rehearsal is any indication of how fast jello gels… well then, we’ll be gigging in the fall or sooner! (Gotta take in the August Summer rays & get some sand between our toes!) Then…come September -stay tuned  … In fact we’re taking bookings! Got a couple gigs on the HJS+HJB 2017-18 calendar right now! Keep ’em coming!

WE’RE EXPANDING! We’re adding solo vocalists under our “Halton JAZZ Singers Vocal Jazz Society” – If you, or, someone you know, has the kind of vocal prowess as a solo vocalist, then we have HJS jazz trio to ‘back’ you! You’ll head out to do gigs booked by HJSMgt. In fact, we are sending 2 vocalists out (male & female) in early November for an afternoon booking with HJS Trio!

Yes, and on the big/ger band scene… we have a several bands wanting to collaborate with us:  SWINGLINE,  9 Piece Little Big Band out of Hamilton area + HJS Quartet are lined up to lay down some recording tracks in a few weeks! Again, stay tuned! We hope to be successful with our demo CD in ‘showcasing’ who we are!

Mississauga BIG Band JAZZ Ensemble + Halton JAZZ Singers + HJB will be entering some discussions about doing shows together – that’s planned for the fall!

We are so very grateful to Oakville Arts Council  for their support and encouragement! Do you know about ARTSVEST? Now we do! Halton JAZZ Singers applied… and we got accepted!  It’s a 9 month training program for hand picked arts organizations across Canada that meet the criteria laid out by &  There are mentor programs; matching corporate sponsorship funding programs; a multitude of resources such as webinars, templates and tools!  ARTSVEST experts & mentors are there to help plot the course in the arts group’s quest for corporate sponsorship funding. For example, if HJS is able to obtain corporate sponsorship for $200 or more, then ARTSVEST will DOUBLE the dollar value up to a pre-determined amount for each arts group!  How lucky are we? Very lucky indeed!

It’s hot and wet outside, now that summer has arrived…Have a safe & happy summer!

Need some JAZZ Entertainment? We continue to entertain in our community and surrounding area! Please keep Halton JAZZ Singers + HJB in mind

for your entertainment needs.

Call  226-909-2152  OR

Inquire at





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