Halton JAZZ Singers … we’re on our way …

2016 was quite a year for Halton JAZZ Singers – a very busy one indeed!  We seemed to catch on like WILD FIRE… and we left our breath behind…so, we have had a wee respite… to catch our breath… it’s been a good time… time to get some ‘B-A-L-A-N-C-E back in to the other parts of our lives…

Some really good things have been happening behind the scenes… We have had a fabulous composer, arranger, pianist come to our ‘fold’… Heiki T.,   Heiki is arranging a few of our S.A.T.B. vocal pieces for a 10 piece little big band that has shown interest in us…more about that in the weeks and months ahead..

Oakville Arts Council has financially supported us again this year – THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We are the proud recipients of another very helpful financial cultural grant.  Also,  Halton JAZZ Singers accepted the invitation to participate in a 4 hour ARTSVEST workshop on February 15th.  This is the first step for us to be eligible for training and guidance about Corporate Sponsorship with matching dollars FROM ARTSVEST… these are exciting times in the arts scene in Oakville and in particular for us as an emerging Oakville arts organization.

Now the BIG NEWS…. last night, Halton JAZZ Singers rehearsed with MISSISSAUGA BIG BAND… wow!..it’s going to be fun!  So, mark your calendars for April 8th at Cooksville United Church! Tickets will become available in March.





  1. Hi Darcea Thanks for the update. I have advertised it in the April Herald and website and have said tickets at the door $20 adults and $10 seniors. The price info came from the Big Band website. Let me know when and where tickets are available. Dave >


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