It’s count down time!  Yes, for New Years but…. In exactly one week I’m heading to J.E.N.!  (for the third time) to this year’s Jazz Educator Network annual conference January 6-9th, in Louisville, Kentucky!  Last year it was in San Diego and the year before that it was in Dallas. Yippee! There is no way to describe what it feels like to be ‘among like minded friends’ with whom you have shared your music journeys of the past year; and then, finally you get to put a face to that name; You get to willingly talk shop [vocal jazz related issues, of course!]  Moreover, there’s nothing better than seeing the experts at work!  Nothing MORE INSPIRATIONAL THAN LEARNING FROM THE EXPERTS!  A couple of years ago, my learning was bumped sky high when I attended the “New York Voices” vocal jazz camp!  These fine musicians and their just as fine vocal jazz educator colleagues will all be at J.E.N. to perform and to offer clinics to those of us so fortunate to be able to attend, again! I just can’t wait!

“The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences. J.E.N. 2016 Conference Schedule

Then starting on January 16th Halton JAZZ Singers has 20+ bookings through to June! Nice that we will get the opportunity to use our brand spanking new 1000 watt sound system! Cool!  We’ll be ready for both indoor and outdoor bookings with this ‘gizmo set up’!

Fun times & sunny ways ahead for Halton JAZZ Singers!

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