Halton JAZZ Choir Singers are getting rousing applause for their new “Swing Into Summer” Show…

 Halton JAZZ Choir has hit the summer scene with their show, “Swing Into Summer.”  The sun is shinin’  ’cause Stephen is on his tenor saxophone, Eran’s on the piano keys and HJC Singers are hittin’ j their 4 part vocal jazz harmonies!  Best part is  – the audiences are noticing!   From the singers’ a cappella renditions of Gershwin’s songs, “Nice Work if You Can Get it,” to Paris Rutherford’s challenging arrangement of “Shylark” or the hoofin’ feet patterns that HJC Singers jive to for “Java Jive” the audience feedback has been extremely positive – some going as far as saying, “That group, HJCS is absolutely brilliant!”  

The singers are taking their show around the Halton area to local festivals & retirement homes.  Come August, their founder, manager and music director, Darcea Hiltz, will head to Bowling Green, Ohio (BGU) for a 6 day intensive vocal jazz workshop presented by the members of the professional group, “NEW YORK VOICES” – Darmon Meader, Peter Eldridge, Kim Nazarian and Lauren Kinahan as well as Greg Jasperse and Rosana Eckert. For now, she’s very happy singing with her music friends, HJC Singers, Dr. Jen, Eran, George, Stephen & Jason… They share an abundance of talent and an abundance of fun!  

For more information visit Halton Jazz Choir website @ http://www.haltonjazzchoir.com

Halton JAZZ Choir Singers is looking to grow… 4 musician female singers are needed – 2 altos & 2 sopranos..

Do you have what it takes to sing with us… Why not check out the website  (membership inquiry) or send an email to haltonjazzchoir@gmail.com  It’s a commitment, it’s rewarding, & heck, it’s loads of fun! 


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